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6 simple ways to dry plums at home


Nature has endowed people with rich resources. All natural products, among which there is also a dried plum, possessing a mass of valuable vitamins, minerals and vital substances for the body that can enhance human health. Also, dried fruit is actively used in the culinary industry, nutrition, cosmetology. The treat was first made by Asian people and became popular due to the fact that it was stored for a long time and did not deteriorate. Buying a dried product in the store, you can not be sure of the naturalness of the product. Therefore, knowing the basic methods of harvesting for the winter at home, you can independently dry the fruit.

Specificity of drying plums at home

High-quality fleshy prunes with a black hue and a sweet taste are obtained if you choose large-fruited varieties of dark purple for drying. For the manufacture of a useful product it is necessary to apply only ripe, fresh, fleshy, dense structure of the fruit with a stone that is easily detachable from the pulp.

Only ripe and fresh fruits can be dried.

Before drying, sort the fruits, getting rid of damaged specimens affected by codling moth and other diseases. Sort by size, get rid of the stalk and bones, wash thoroughly. The next stage is blanching. Fruits are placed in a boiling solution prepared from 1 liter of water and 5-6 g of soda for a few seconds, then immediately immersed in cold water, wiped using a paper towel. The procedure will speed up the drying.

The best time for harvesting prunes is the summer and autumn months.

When it is important to properly collect the plum from the tree.

Ways to dry plums

There are many ways in which home prunes can be harvested. The easiest one, which was used by our ancestors - under the influence of sunlight. Surely, coming to visit my grandmother in the summer, you could see the halves of the plums laid out on the windowsill. Now they are increasingly resorting to the use of a microwave or oven, as it is more convenient and much faster.

Did you know that plum and prunes have a different set of vitamins and have a different effect on the body?

Harvesting plums is a quick process that does not require skill.

How to dry in the oven

Pre-prepare the fruit, blanch them in a solution of baking soda for 2 minutes. Divide them into two halves and remove the bone. Next, perform step-by-step drying:

  1. Preheat oven to 50 degrees and send slices there for 5 hours. Then allow them to cool at room temperature.
  2. Turn the halves to the other side, put the same amount of time to dry at 70 degrees. Due to the effects of high temperatures, the moisture will gradually evaporate. Then get the product again and let it cool.
  3. Set 75 degrees and, turning the plums, hold them in the oven until ready.
Drying the plum in the oven is necessary in several approaches.

At observance of all stages prunes turn out incredibly tasty. The main plus is that the product will be ready fairly quickly, but there is always the risk of overdrying and spoiling the product.

Drying in an electric dryer

It is necessary to immerse the fruit in boiling water, wipe with a paper towel. The process includes three steps:

  1. Open the electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux and arrange the halves of the drains on a special tray with a cut up and leave for 4 hours, setting the temperature to 50 degrees. Allow time to cool.
  2. After cooling, the fruit again send for 6 hours at 60 degrees.
  3. The last stage - drying plums for 5 hours, setting the electric dryer at 80 degrees.
In the electric dryer, the drain can be dried both in halves and as a whole.

The advantage of the method in speed and simplicity.

Sun drying

First you need to thoroughly wash the fruit, get rid of the bone and spread on the paper the resulting halves skinned down. After that, place it in the sun and wait at least 4-5 days, turning it over daily, and entering it at night. During this period, make sure that the plums do not become a treat for wasps and flies.

Drying plums in the sun will take about a week.

The advantages of the method is that the product does not lose its useful qualities due to the natural source of light. Moisture evaporates due to direct exposure to sunlight. Also, the method has many drawbacks, for example, the probability of eating fruits by insects, an impressive duration of the process.

How to cook dried fruit on the windowsill

Put the halved fruit cut out on the window sill, covered with paper. Leave covered with insect gauze for 3-5 days, not forgetting to turn over. The window sill should be illuminated throughout the day by the sun. Fruits retain all positive properties. Overcast weather may adversely affect their quality.

On the windowsill the plums dry well in sunny weather.

Drying over the stove

Half the plums should be spread out on a baking sheet and put on the stove for 2 hours. It is important to determine the empirically necessary burner mode, height and cooking time. To do it, first you have to spoil a lot of plums.

The cooking time depends on the selected temperature and the thickness of the plum pieces.

Microwave Drying

Wash fruits, wipe with a towel, spread out on a special plate. Set the microwave power at 300 degrees and cook for 20 seconds. Allow to cool slightly. Repeat the process several times until fully cooked. One of the fastest ways, but there is a high probability to dry the product and spoil it.

You need to constantly monitor the plum in the microwave so as not to spoil the product.

Dried prunes storage

Ready prunes should be characterized by elasticity, density and not stick when pressed to the fingers. Store the product is recommended no more than 1 year, sending it in a glass jar or plastic container package.

Prunes are widely used in cooking. It is used for cooking compotes and decoctions, combined with different types of meat. Confectioners add dried plums to cakes, sweets, cakes.

Prunes should be stored in glass or plastic cans.

The real gift of nature is dried plum, the use of which is of particular interest to those who lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor the condition of their bodies. Dried fruit, used in reasonable quantities, is beneficial to all body systems. Therefore, the use of such an affordable therapeutic product will help a person to get rid of many health problems.

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